Is It Better To Bet High Or Low Slots?

Is It Better To Bet High Or Low Slots?

Most slot machines are designed to understand the odds of each bet. If you bet $10, your machine will most likely give you a payout of $15 or some multiple thereof. In theory, that’s how it should work out because it becomes more difficult for theĀ rtp slot machine to win as your bets increase and those of the casino become higher.

The payout of a slot machine is based on probability

The first thing that you need to understand is that the payout of a slot machine is based upon probability. Each play is independent of the previous and so it’s naive to assume that because you won a $1 jackpot, you will win the next one. Every bet has a probability of coming out right and if you keep on betting on the same machine over and over again, then as expected, your probability of winning will go down as you play more.

Betting low make your chances better

If you’re looking for higher returns from slot machines, then it’s not wise to bet low. This is due to the rules of probability mentioned above. You need to be betting higher than average to make up for your decreasing chance of winning.

rtp slotThe benefit of higher denomination slots

The benefit of slot machines is derived from their maximum payout. The higher the denomination, the more frequent big jackpots tend to occur. For the most part, the higher your bets per game, the more you’ll be able to win.

If you’re looking to win enough money to make up for your losses, then it’s not wise to bet low. A $5 bet has a much lower return than a $10 bet and so it doesn’t make sense. You will have to play much more games before you can make back what you’ve lost.

Playing the same slot machine a lot

You need to keep in mind that most slot machines have payout limits. These are great for keeping the house from losing too much money, but they also make it harder for you to win. In theory, you should be able to play the same slot machine over and over again until you finally hit a jackpot and then get your wagered amount back. That’s certainly not how it works out.

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