What Are The Different Versions Of Baccarat?

What Are The Different Versions Of Baccarat?

With the exciting and intense gameplay of baccarat, you might now be aware that it comes in different versions. As a player of the baccarat, you need to know and understand the different versions of the game before you go through the strategies. The บาคาร่า has multiple variants but the most notable ones the following three versions.

The Punto Banco

It is also known as the American Baccarat. It is played in different places, like in Australia, Macau, North America, and some other gambling sites. It is said that playing the game should start by betting on the banker’s hand, player’s hand, or the tie. The version stands out because of the following characteristics of the game:

  1. Both banker and player hands are executed by the fixed house rules.
  2. The house will always bank the game.
  3. 5% commission is charged on the winning banker bets.

Meaning, the decision when the third card is drawn goes to the casino and not to the player. It is how you define it in the Punto Banco version of the game.


The Chemin de Fer

The term Chemin de Fer is a French term for the word railway. It is a version of the baccarat that is mostly played in the French casinos. But, in the online casino world, the game is playable in different places, being the casino is accessible online. Chemin de Fer’s rules are almost the same as the Punto Banco. It only has two differences, such as:

  1. Players can become the banker
  2. Players can decide whether the player hand or banker must draw a third card

The 6 standard 52-card decks are to be shuffled together. One player can choose to be the banker with the options of all players having the chance of becoming a banker. The assigned banker is the one who decides on how much he is willing to bet while the other players are mentioning the amount of bet they are willing to wager.

The bettor who has the highest bet will be the player. One player can level up with the banker and declare the “banco”. It means that all other players, except the two, will be excluded from the round.

Mini Baccarat

It is the low-limit version of the big baccarat. Each mini-baccarat table has 6-7 players. It has only one dealer and players are not allowed to become the banker who can deal cards. Mini-baccarat are quicker compared to the big baccarat or Punto Banco. It has the same baccarat strategy and rules to apply to the game.

If you are a baccarat player, you can choose which version you prefer to play according to your bankroll.

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